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Ald-CH2-PEG2-NHBoc Catalog #: AP10071 Name: Ald-CH2-PEG2-NHBoc Chemical Formula: C11H21NO5 Molecular Weight: 247.29 CAS: 1229024-41-2 Purity: ≥95% Availability: In Stock SDS: Download DESCRIPTION The aldehyde group readily reacts with primary amines, aminooxy and hydrazide to form a reversible oxime or hydrazone linkage. After de-Boc, the free amine can under conjugation process with acid or activated acid ester bearing biomolecules. The PEG spacer increase the solubility of the resulting complex in aqueous media. Axis Pharma offers 5000+ PEG Linkers with high purity. Different kinds of PEG Reagents may be available by custom synthesis. SYNONYMS ald-PEG-NHBoc SHIPPING & DELIVERY Ships within: 24 hours Storage condition: -20 ° C Shipping: Ambient Temperature


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