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On 15 November 2023, the European Union reached the provisional agreement on a new EU Methane Regulation, as part of the proposals to deliver European Green Deal, aimed at reducing methane emissions in the energy sectors of Europe. The oil and gas industry will be subject to the highest monitoring standards, requiring accurate measurement, monitoring, reporting, and verification of methane emissions, along with proactive measures to reduce emissions (EU, 2023). The purpose of the new methane regulatory agreement is to minimize methane emissions from oil and gas industry operating within the European Union to the greatest extent possible. It requires "operators to report regularly to the competent authorities about quantification and measurements of methane emissions at source level, including for non-operated assets”, and it obliges "oil and gas companies to carry out regular surveys of their equipment to detect and repair methane leaks on the EU territory within specific deadlines” (EU,2023). To meet the restrictive requirements of the new regulatory agreement, adopting accurate methane detection equipment can assist operators promptly detect methane leaks enabling them to take necessary measures.

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