NDIR LED Methane Sensor SJH-SL Series


CatalogNo:NDIR LED Methane Sensor SJH-SL Series
Cubic NDIR CH4 Sensor Solutions For Industrial Safety And Environmental Monitoring Monitoring methane is crucial. Methane gas poses both a potential risk of fire and explosion and serves as a major component of greenhouse gases, significantly impacting the environment. Timely monitoring of methane concentration can effectively prevent accidents, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and safeguard both personnel safety in many industries. Cubic, a manufacturer of gas sensors and gas analyzers, has leverage its mature NDIR technology to develop miniature NDIR CH4 sensor SJH Series, widely applicable in various scenarios where flammable and explosive gases exist. NDIR Principle Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensing technology relies on Lambert-Beer's law, where each gas absorbs specific infrared wavelengths. An infrared source emits a beam through the gas sample chamber, and a detector measures the absorption at characteristic wavelengths. Using embedded software algorithms, the gas concentration is determined. The term "non-dispersive" means the wavelength is not pre-filtered.

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