2- Iodotoluene  615-37-2

2- Iodotoluene 615-37-2(615-37-2 )

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  • Contact Person: Mitesh Chikhaliya (INFINIUM PHARMACHEM PVT LTD)
  • Country/Region: India
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2- Iodotoluene Liquid Cas no. 615-37-2 Chemical name: 2-iodotolune Synonyms:O-IODOTOLUENE;2-IODOTOLUENE;2-lodotoluene;o-Tolyl iodide;Toluene,o-iodo-;2-Iodotoluene98%;Toluene, o-iodo-;o-Methyliodobenzene;2-Methyl-iodobenzene;2-Methylphenyl iodide Molecular Formula: C7H7I Formula Wight: 218.03 Mol File: 615-37-2.mol

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Contact Person Mitesh Chikhaliya
Country/Region India
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