Diethylamine(109-89-7 )


Product NameDiethylamine

Synonyms(C2H5)2NH; ai3-24215; detn; Diaethylamin; Diethamine; Diethylamin; Dietilamina; Dwuetyloamina

CAS No.109-89-7

EINECS No.203-716-3

Molecular formulaC4H11N

Molecular weight73.14


Loss on dry≤0.5%

AppearanceColorless liquid, with strong odor.


UN NumberUN1154


Diethylamine can be mixed with water or ethanol arbitrarily. It is mainly applied in the synthesis of organic intermediate as well as drugs, agricultural chemicals, dyestuff, bactericide, corrosion inhibitor, thiofide, mineral processing agent, textile auxiliary agent, antioxidant, etc. It is also the refined solvent for wax, activating agent for the polymerization of conjugate diene emulsion, epoxy curing agent, and the anti-freeze agent for engines. 

Specifically, diethylamine is the intermediate for the pesticide phosphamidon, pyrimithate, and the herbicide benthiocarb, napropamide. It is also the intermediate for drugs such as procaine, chloroquine, nikethamide, Coraminum, and p-aminobenzene sulfonamide.

Storage: Should be sealed. Keep it in cool and ventilated warehouse under 30℃. Keep it away from fire, sparks, heat, direct sunshine and rain. Do not keep it together with oxidizer and acid.

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