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Pfizer Completes Acquisition Of InnoPharma

2014-09-26 Pfizer Inc. (PFE) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of the pharmaceutical development company, InnoPharma, Inc., following receipt of United States (U.S.) regulatory approval from all government authorities required by the agreement and other closing conditions.


FDA reviewers say Pfizer's Chantix should keep its black box

2014-10-20 FDA staffers aren't as impressed with new safety data on Chantix as Pfizer ($PFE) wants them to be. In briefing documents filed in advance of Thursday's advisory committee meeting, reviewers say the stop-smoking remedy should keep its black-box warning about potential psychiatric side effects.


FDA panel votes to keep severe warning on Pfizer anti-smoking drug

2014-10-20 Pfizer Inc failed to convince the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to remove a black box warning on its controversial quit-smoking drug Chantix, with an advisory panel to the agency voting against the removal on Thursday.


Pfizer strikes another immunotherapy deal to widen its oncology pipeline

2014-12-10 Pfizer has agreed to pay iTeos Therapeutics €24 million ($30 million) up front for the exclusive rights to some preclinical candidates, also making an undisclosed equity investment in the company and promising untold milestone payments down the line.


Pfizer's once-failed cancer drug wins the FDA's 'breakthrough' tag

<span class='lighter'>Pfizer</span>'s once-failed cancer drug wins the FDA's 'breakthrough' tag
2015-10-20 Pfizer has found new hope for a former pipeline standout, picking up the FDA's coveted breakthrough therapy designation for a Phase III reclamation project in oncology.